Brandi VegasI have always worried about my weight and healthy eating while living a crazy life that relied on my planner. Growing up my family nearly always ate dinner together. It was something that I was used to and even in high school when I had clubs and sports, we still made time to eat as a family. 

I went far away to college and living independently, while good for my growth as a person, was not so good on my body. Luckily lots of walking and keeping busy with classes and a sorority along with numerous part time jobs helped me to not gain much weight. Once I graduated and took a desk job I decided to join Weight Watchers to become healthier. I lost 30 pounds in the process and loved my new body. During this time I met my current husband and started back to school for my MBA. Through my busy schedule and dates with my man, I gained the weight back. 




JP and I Wedding

In April of 2008 I got married. This was a wonderful time in my life, but between the stress of a  corporate  job, a new husband, and a new house I have managed to add on a few more pounds. This blog is a way for me to track my crazy life while trying to balance healthy eating and exercise. I hope to lose some pounds and find my “happy weight” for life all while keeping sane. Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully inspiring me to continue on this journey we call life!


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