As I start my training for the mini marathon JP and I are going to run together in October I want to list some of my favorite running items.

The first thing I love is Nike Plus.

You put the little sensor on your shoe and it tells you your pace and distance. I used it all throughout my first half marathon and it is a must have. At some point I want to buy a garmen satellite watch but until I can afford one, Nike plus does the trick.

The next thing I love is Bondi Bands.

These bands stay in place while I run and are pretty inexpensive. Plus you can wash them when they get sweaty!

The next item I love are Insperpire towels.

These towels are soft and soak up all my sweat. I have washed it multiple times and it still is soft. I love them!

These are just a few items I love right now. I’m sure I will have more to add as I continue my training. By the way, these are all items I use and love, nothing was given to me. I have just found them on my own and wanted to share!