Today I had a non scale victory. I have been working very hard to get into my favorite pair of lucky jeans. I have not been able to wear these jeans in probably a year in a half. I know I was still able to wear them when I went on my honeymoon in April of 2008 but after that I gained about 20 pounds. Well I am not down 15 of those pounds and my jeans fit again! I am so excited. I have a closet full of clothes ranging from size 4 to 16 and next weekend I am hoping to clean out the closet of the size 16s forever. The first time I lost a lot of weight in 2005 I did it quick and gained it back almost as quickly. There were many factors to it like meeting my now husband, but I think I never learned the healthy habits to keep the weight off. This time the weight is coming off slower, but I am making lifestyle changes instead of just going on a diet. Plus I have more support in my efforts than I did the first time around. I truly believe that I will be successful and continue to make changes for life, not just for weight loss.

This picture is from 2008 and the last picture in the infamous lucky jeans: