My husband and I got new bikes from my wonderful in-laws about a month ago. Our favorite trail is the Monon, which is an old rail trail that has been turned into a biking/running trail. It goes all the way from North of town through downtown. Our typical route is to start up north and go down to broad ripple which is an awesome village in Indy. Usually we get something to eat there and then bike back. The whole trek takes about 2 hours and is 20 miles round trip. I love it! It is fun and gets us out into the fresh air. As the weather turns cooler it is even nicer to ride our bikes on the path. Our ultimate goal is to do a bike race, but until then I am enjoying our time together. Here is a picture of my bike: 7100wsd_robinseggblueThis bike is the perfect mix of comfort and style and I just adore it. There are many more bike rides in my future!