Let me be honest here, I love food! Being a foodie makes it hard to follow at path of weight loss. I want to eat out and indulge all the time. Eating at awesome restaurants has led me to where I am today though. Here are some pictures of my favorite meals:

Scallops in VegasThese are scallops from Mesa Grill in Vegas. All I can say is yum! This is one of my favorite restaurants and I highly recommend it!

Anniversary DinnerFor our first wedding anniversary my husband and I went to Palomino here in Indianapolis. I got an amazing scallop dish (what can I say, I love scallops!). 

Honeymoon tacosI love Mexican food and for our honeymoon we went to Cancun/ Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. This was my favorite meal of the week – Shrimp Tacos!

I hope you enjoyed a little taste ( 🙂 ) of food that I love.